Personal Websites

Gates of Dixie
A photo tour of New Orleans and the area.  Lots of history, too!  Created by Gil Davis & Jay Barrymore.

Neon Paradise
A unique photo tour of Las Vegas and the area with over five hundred photos!  Unique!
Created by Jay Barrymore and Gil Davis or

Gil Davis' Personal Website
Gil's personal site, created for those who may have lost contact or would like to discover more about him.
Created by Gil Davis

Jay Barrymore's Personal Website  
I've known him since 1983 decided to finally put up a site.  Top notch, too.  I think you'll like it.
Created by Jay Barrymore.

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Websites of Interest

As some of you know, I'm a talk radio addict, for the most part.  I actually like listening to music in my vehicles from time to time, but I'm as likely to tune in the likes of these talk shows when the mood hits (which is quite often!).

KPAH Radio
Interesting talk radio format directly from Art Bell's hometown, Pahrump, Nevada.  Live and pre-recorded talk radio for your entertainment. See link at top of most pages.

Coast to Coast - AM
Late night radio talk show with George Noory (weekdays) and George Knapp on weekends (typically).  This is the radio talk show that used to be hosted by Art Bell exclusively.  Some examples of recent shows would include EVPs (voices of the dead), remote viewing, alternative energy sources, and the like.  Visit the site to find out more.  Can be heard on nearly 600 stations from 10 PM to 2 AM (Pacific Time). You can find it on Tune-In Radio and I-Heart Radio on the Internet, as well.  In Ft. Wayne, Indiana, it can be found from 1am till 5 am Eastern on 1190 AM and 92.3 FM.

Alex Jones
In his view, the whole government is corrupt and needs to be replaced. He has an app on which you can listen to him live at noon Eastern M-F.

Michael Savage
Somewhat similar in views to Alex Jones, but I feel he comes across as a bit better educated and more articulate.  I enjoy them both.  I can listen during afternoon drive on a Detroit station, 760 AM, but there will be stations on the Internet that will carry his show.