Gil's Pics

Gil in New Mexico early 2012
Here's Gil in a photo taken January 7, 2012 on a cold and windy
night (, but that doesn't fit right) in Bernalillo, New Mexico.
The background is the Sandia Mountains, also known as the East
Mountains.  Incidentally, Sandia is Spanish for Watermelon.
This photo was taken on the same day.  Joy and I were headed to
Farmington, New Mexico for a day ride on that fateful
day in January.  However, the literally "white out" conditions on
route 550 that goes up that way made the trip dangerous, if not
impossible.  So, we went the other way to Placitas just for the ride.
Early morning, November 6, 2005.  I was standing under flea
market trailer's concession door and had stopped helping set up
to get my picture taken.  I quit the flea market about 6 months after
this photo was taken.  It was good for a bit of extra money, anyway.
Below are some archived photos of our actual setup at the flea market.

 These are photos taken in about 2003.

 We were still doing lots of toys and scooters.

Did we have a lot of stuff?  Yep.

Beside toys and trading cards, we also carried incense and oils.


Had a special purchase on decoupage Wrestling Clocks for $10 each. The cage in the photo that looks sort of like an hourglass is a dice cage. By rolling the 3 die, a person could win a nice prize for a pair or 3 or a kind.  Didn't get anything?  You still got a prize worth a buck.  One of those, "everyone wins" games to make it legal.

Before the flea market trailer in 2000, we had a truck and about 70" of canopy in our southwest corner of the flea market...under a big billboard and lots of pigeon poop.  We sold close-date, reset, and distressed merchandise from store pulls.  Here I am under one of those canopies enjoying the shade.


One of Gil's Herculean tasks on his 19th experience of his 42nd birthday was to lift this HUGE tool chest (box) that he got as a present.  Yay!  He accomplished this AMAZING feat!  Taken July 8, 2015.

Yes, this proves it!  42!  You can't teach an old Gil old tricks anymore.  He just started losing count after 42.  So, exactly what does the number 42 signify?  Science fiction fans will know, but what it means to Gil is that is as high as he's ever learned to count!