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Steve Halatyn

It's really scary.  The world lost Steve Halatyn on April 21, 2011 at age 55.  He was a person that if you met him, you would never forget him.  I'm planning on putting some of his voice work (even though it wasn't anything serious) on YouTube.  Be looking for it.  And I will...someday.


Meanwhile, here's my original entry on this page.  I decided not to change anything in honor of Steve.  Besides, he wouldn't want me to be any more sad than I was after hearing the news.


Here's Mr. Steve.  Funny looking...sure.  Funny sounding...maybe.  Funny emails...definitely.  I met Steve in Denver, Colorado with his ex-wife, Joyce.  Hey Steve, what ever happened to her?  You say she's living in Tucson, Arizona?  Actually, I found out about that when she found my website and contacted me.  Anyway, Steve and I used to do some comedy commercials which were eventually aired on KMJC in San Diego on Jay and my show, "Wild Weekend" in 1989.

Oh, anyway, as I was saying...I met Steve in Denver around 1979, making him one of my most long-lived friendships.  Last I saw of Steve was when I moved from Houston in 1982, but I still have kept in touch with him.  He was married to Joyce, Kathy, and his current wife, Penny.  Hopefully, this one will last, right Steve?  When I first met him, Steve was basically unskilled, except he would sing and play guitar at coffee houses on occasion.  He went back to school and became a technician, and finally is now (among other duties), a radio tower installer.  Well, he's part of a team that does it.  Now that's a way to make a decent living.  I think he's made it.  In fact, he's working at a new place as of 2009 but I don't recall what it is.  But it sounds like he has a great job.

Steve, you need to e-mail me a few paragraphs (or more) that I can include here so this is a little more entertaining.  I'll be waiting.  And waiting.  And waiting...



(sigh...they never came)... Rest in Peace, Steve.  Another "Silent Key" ham radio operator: KB5KDX.  The call sign will be on the FCC database til 2020.

Here are a couple of more photos of Steve.


Above is Steve with his wife Penny posted on Facebook
on July 31, 2009

Steve wasn't always a good boy.  On the left is a photo he wasn't too proud of (a mug shot), and on the right is a photo
from nearly the last time I saw him, probably in the early 80s.