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Sandy C.

Sandy C. is my sister and I've had her since I can remember (yes,
she's older than me by a bit over 2 years).  Here she is at the flea
market booth selling glass pipes for tobacco use, only, of course.
These photos were taken November 6, 2005.
Below is a quicker setup than the ones on the Gil's Pics page.  We
concentrated more on the glassware and accessories than on the
incense and oils at this point, since it was what brought people in.
Most of my job was repairing scooters, designing the setup and
making up the signs.  Since I had to take an early retirement due
to back problems, I pretty much got to talk to customers.  Bob S.
wouldn't really let me do too much.


One of my favorite things to do is displays.  I was quite known for
it at Radio Shack while we could still come up with ideas on our
own.  This is a pre-Christmas display on the concession trailer.

The display was nice, but the economy really stopped people from
buying the stuff like they did in 2004.  We sold all of the wall-
hangings and many of the dragons, but there were still some
left after the Holiday Season.  Luckily, we had a good
backup plan.