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Prowler T. Cat

January 2001 to January 18, 2011

Unfortunately, she had to be put to sleep from a back injury that had plagued her since September, 2009. Though it looked like it was healing and she was getting much better (back to using her litter box and even playing with the laser pointer once again), she took a turn for the worse on about January 14, 2011 when she lost control of her bladder function totally; she leaked everywhere she went. She was in the process of losing the strength in her back legs and tail once again, as had happened the first time. The first time, though, she didn't lose all control of her bladder. It was worse this time and even the vet originally said that could happen. After speaking with the vet at Animal Humane, I decided the best thing to do was to not let her go through that again. I think it was the hardest thing I ever had to do...exactly the same as losing a family member, since she really was.

Prowler was was what I called my "Millennium" kitty, since I suspect she was born about the first of January, 2001. I found Prowler outside in April, 2001, took her to the vet and got all her shots. One of the best cats I'd ever had. She'd use the cat box even though I sometimes ignored it for a time. She'd usually eat only dry cat food. She even came to her name, and "Kitty kitty kitty" wasn't necessary.

When someone came to the door, she was right there to greet them. Anyway, that was Prowler. I wish she were still with me.

The photo above was taken circa 2004 and the one below about the same time.

Both photos, above and below, were taken at my apartment.  The
photo below, however, was Prowler's last full day on this planet on
January 17, 2011.  One of her favorite foods was peanut butter.
Couldn't really interest her in that, either.  She wasn't really sick, but
she was probably in a bit of pain from her back injury.