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Obie Wan Kenobi

This is my cat, Obie.  Yes, the spelling in this page's header is deliberate since the Star Wars name is Obi.  Her original name was Kuzko by her original owners (Melinda, Josh, and the family), but I thought Obie would be a cute name.  She was born about July, 2004, and I got her in December, 2004, I believe.  She's turned into a pretty good cat, now that I've had her spayed.  Very playful and CUTE!

Hi Obie!!!


Obie in Sept 2015And we'll just take a trip to September, 2015 showing Obie as the lazy cat that she is.  Not bad for an eleven year old kitty.  Still just as vocal, probably even moreso.  She sure complains a lot.  Update:  Today is January 4, 2017 and she's still with us.  She had a UTI recently and had to be on antibiotics.  Two weeks of that and she's back to her whole bouncy self.  I know that she's getting older and I won't have her forever, but I'm just enjoying the time she's around. She has her forever home here.

Taken in the Christmas Holiday Season of 2006, here again is my "overly vocal" tuxedo, Obie.  She hasn't changed at all (update date is October 8, 2015).  I do have later photos, but this one was really cute...and she doesn't like to pose for pictures.  I'm not one to argue.