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Joy M.

Joy M's been around since history began, or first moved to Albuquerque since May, 2006.  When she moved there from Florida, we were roommates until we found that we really weren't that compatible as a couple.  We ended up moving to another apartment complex with 2 cater-corner units open in a quadruplex.  That worked out well and we remained fast friends.

On my move to Indiana, she came along with me (along with Ed "Josh" V.) and we now share a house.  We have learned to keep that relationship in the past.  I have the 3 bedrooms on the top floor (bedroom, workshop/computer room, and studio) and Joy and Ed each have a bedroom on opposite sides of the house on the bottom floor.


Now, onto the photos.  I don't have any current ones posted here since she really looks about the same.  How can anyone not age in 8 years?  That's so weird. LOL

March, 2007 in Parumph, Nevada.


A huge snowstorm in December, 2006 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  And yes, I did get hit with that snowball.

Let's go back to July 3, 2006 and the Jemez mountains here in New Mexico.  Jay has his own page which you can get to by clicking here. 

Joy is in Pocahontas, Arkansas admiring the sign of the hospital of her birth many, many moons ago.