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Jay Barrymore

Jay and I have known each other for many years and have also
seen a lot of ups and downs, both financially and in
relationships, and occasionally with each other. 

Update: As of February 21, 2017, I decided to finally unfriend him on Facebook.  I think age may be getting to him and he's really becoming sociopathic, as I was forced to judge by the final words he said before I unfriended him on Facebook.  I decided to share one of my karaoke
performances with my friends, "The Unicorn Song" to usher in the
start of the St. Patrick's Day celebration.  And it wasn't done badly, in
fact, it sounded fairly decent.  But because I did it, Jay couldn't just
say that he enjoyed it or it could use a little improvement.  Nope, in
typical Jay style, he needed to make a snide comment about it ruining
St. Patrick's day and he proceeded to slam all of the other songs I've
ever done.  Then it got political.  You know, a person can only take so
much.  As I said, and he'll definitely disagree, sociopathic.  Warning
signs were there from the time I first knew him.  In high school, before
I met him, he became a bible thumper.  I know the type.  Can't tell them anything, they always have to be right.  It doesn't matter who you
hurt on the way to your goal, either.  Nothing there has changed, just
different focus. Now it's the liberal news media and the Democrat
party he's focused on.  Sociopath.

I'm sure to get even, he blocked me on Facebook.  That made no sense.  I rarely read his political rantings and have no interest in Godzilla or King Kong.  It doesn't matter, anyway.

He does run two websites you may find interesting and
entertaining.  His main site is at, possibly
one of the largest and most comprehensive photo and tour sites
on the Internet of Las Vegas, Nevada.  The other site is at and you'll find not only insights into his
psyche (I wish I could figure him out sometime) but a great page
on UFOs.  Visit them both, I think you'll like them.  He's just lost the Gates of Dixie ( since I control it and am now putting it up for sale for $400.  It's just over what he still owes me in
cash. The balance will help cover interest for 4 years of the payments
Jay has never made but had promised. Anyone interested (including
you, Jay) can purchase the domain name.  But rest assured, I won't give it back.

Here's Jay sharing the photo spotlight with his daughter, Robyn in front of the Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas, Nevada in October, 2010.

Jay at my ex-wife's burial in Searchlight, Nevada on October 30, 2010.