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Gene M.

Known Gene since 1977, just after I was married for the first time.  He's undergone a sort of change in his old age, putting on a bit of weight (he was around 150 pounds in high school from what I understand).  He's an interesting individual, to say the least. He can be a great friend, but according to Jay, one of his classic lines was, "The cats are up here (puts his hand at a high level) and you're down here (and you can imagine how he motioned that).

His favorite state?  Unemployed.  He has narcolepsy, something that he'd never admit to.  Because of sleep apnea, he has a hard time staying awake.  He likes to work nights in a security guard positon.  Gene, it'll just never work. 

Oh well, Gene is Gene.  I don't know what the world would do without him.  But I can only imagine what others are saying. *LOL*

Above and below is Gene at his mom's house taken in summer, 2009  
 Here's Gene on the right and Gil on the left.  I couldn't think of a better place to put this photo, taken in 2009.