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Dave and Jane

I've known Dave for, let's long ago did you say God was born?  Well, maybe not quite that long, but I first met him about 1989, and became roommates in 1991, I believe it was.  He'd gotten me interested in getting my "ham ticket," something I've been meaning to do for the past 20 years, but since he now holds an "extra" ticket (it's slang for a "Extra Class ham radio operator's license), I did at least want to get my technician's license, which I accomplished on August 20, 2005.  Got my General Class ticket in April, 2007.  Thanks Dave for showing me a way to spend some more hard-earned cash on yet another hobby! :-)

Dave and Jane have been married since July, 1999.

I was best man at their wedding and had to drive from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Coldwater, Ohio just to be there.  These photos were taken in Coldwater in April, 2005, on a vacation trip.

Now that I'm living only 35 miles away, I tend to see them a bit more and talk with Dave almost every day on Google Hangouts.

Jane retired in early 2010 and is having a lot of fun not working.  What a life.  Dave retired in November, 2014 and is just a bit newer to the lazy bum experience.  Think he's getting bored with it!

These photos were taken in Ohio in 2006