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Carol S.

Carol S. is Gene M.'s sister.  I've known her since 1977, as well.  Carol is a really good person, a great cook, and a great friend.  She and I (in fact, the whole family) are pretty close, as I mention in Gene M.'s page, as close to family members as you can get, but not born into it.  I used to go to Phoenix about three or four times a year and visit them, (as well as visit a wholesaler out there for some very special deals on stuff).  I enjoy visiting the entire family, including Shawn (James), his now ex-wife Alicia (yes, they did get divorced), Jared, Matthew, his wife and kids, Gene and Carol's surviving parent, Alice, and Gene's other sister, Shirley.  I have pics of all of 'em and for some reason, never have posted them on this site.  Tragically, Carol's dad, Tom lost his battle with heart disease in October, 2005, another person that is missed.